Teaching resiliency has many profound benefits. But you might ask yourself, why these lessons on resiliency? Put simply, the lessons themselves are born of the same traits that make for a resilient person: they are Conversational, Reflective, Adaptive, Personal... and Playful.


Why Teach With Dot Resiliency Lessons?

They are Conversational:

We recognize that a deeper understanding of content can be accessed through conversations and social engagement. So we’ve centered the resiliency lessons around a conversation with our character Dot. The character allows us, at some level, to mimic the relaxed and effective nature of conversational learning. This has allowed for a seamless online learning experience atypical of most online environments.

They are Reflective:

We have made reflective learning a top priority throughout all the resiliency lessons. Students are guided through metacognitive exercises, building a greater sense of self awareness and deepening their understanding of each subject area. Through reflection, students come to recognize the complexities of the mind and value the resilient way it interacts with the world.

They are Adaptive:

We have created lessons that provide a unique experience for each student, using our adaptive learning platform. As a student progresses through a lesson, he or she will be guided down relevant pathways and given differentiated feedback in order to provide individual support. We’ve developed lessons that also encourage student choice and control over what they learn and what order they decide to learn it in.

They are Personal:

We have focused the lessons on the personal experience, ideas and beliefs of the students, rather than asking them to simply digest information or telling them how to behave. It is through this personal exploration that students relate to and understand resiliency. By the time students have finished going through the series, they will have given serious thought as to how the idea of resiliency impacts everyday life.

They are Playful:

We have aimed to create lessons that challenge students to think creatively and play games. This approach engages students and helps them recognize and understand how they express resiliency. We believe that all students hold innate ability to think and act resiliency, and we have aimed to reveal that ability through fun, inviting, and interesting activities.

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