Teaching resiliency has many profound benefits. But you might ask yourself, why these lessons on resiliency? Put simply, the lessons themselves are born of the same traits that make for a resilient person: they are Conversational, Reflective, Adaptive, Personal... and Playful.


Into the Classroom

The resiliency lessons were designed in a way to allow maximum flexibility of use. Some instructors may want to use the entire series, or even a few chosen lessons as a supplement that stands alone. In this case, the instructor can simply enroll students in a lesson or two and leave it at that.

Other instructors may want to use these lessons as a springboard to explore the content more deeply inside their course. For those of you who are interested in making those curriculum connections, take a moment to work through our integration flow chart:

Resiliency Alignment Table
Mapping out resiliency within your curriculum
Enhance and Generate
Zero in on lessons to increase resiliency in your course


Enhance Resiliency
Connecting to resilient practices in your course
Integration Plan
Creating a road map for your integration


Connecting to Lessons
Finding connections between your content and lessons
Integration Opportunities
Strategies for connecting your content and lesson
Integration Plan
Creating a road map for your integration
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