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Physically traumatic events ranging from natural disasters to automobile accidents to the death of loved ones can have serious, lasting psychological effects. This collection illustrates the physiological causes of psychological trauma, its warning signs, and the ways in which emergency responders—as the people who first come into contact with the survivors of traumatic events—can help to prevent it.



EMT Psych Trauma I

This first lesson provides instruction on the value of emergency responders providing psychological support in addition to the other important services for which they are responsible. Find the physiological origins for behavioral symptoms and effects connected to psychological trauma and PTSD.

EMT Psych Trauma II

Dig into the ESCAPE protocols we’ve developed for emergency responders to render psychological support alongside physical aid. This lesson provides opportunities to practice and observe the effects of providing social support, facilitating choice and control, helping anticipate, as well plan and organize for every patient every time.

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